Palo Alto Property Division Lawyer

Protecting Your Assets During Divorce Disputes In California

For many in the Silicon Valley, issues of property division are of the utmost concern. A working spouse spends a lifetime accumulating assets in order to ensure the future financial security of loved ones. A non-working spouse may put a career on hold for the sake of the children and feels entitled to spousal support for his or her sacrifice.

When you face complicated matters regarding support and division of assets during your divorce, contact an experienced family law attorney for knowledgeable and creative solutions.

“This is about your money and how you’re going to live after your divorce.” Nancy M. Martinez

At The Law Offices of Nancy M. Martinez, we have years of experience handling the following types of assets and issues of property division:

  • Sale of the family home
  • Ownership of multiple real properties
  • Property and business valuations
  • Ownership interests in a business or corporation
  • Retirement accounts
  • Stocks and restricted stock units
  • Work benefits and employment perks

Debt Allocation And Assisting With The Sale Of Your Residence

California is a community property state, which means that marital debts as well as marital assets are divided equally upon divorce. When it comes to the family home, it might be the most valuable asset to divide or the home might be under water. Whether the home is sold or one party keeps the property, either course requires a number of steps – including but not limited to an appraisal, transfer of title, mortgage refinancing and reimbursement of separate property income contributed after separation for the benefit of the family home.

During your divorce, seek the advice of an experienced Palo Alto lawyer. Let The Law Offices of Nancy M. Martinez handle your property division and debt allocation details while you concentrate on your well-being and the care of your children. We will educate you about your rights and aggressively protect your interests. Contact us online or call us today at 650-242-5280 for quality legal advice and guidance. Hablamos español.