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About The Law Offices Of Nancy M. Martinez

At The Law Offices of Nancy M. Martinez, we really care about you as a client and take a holistic approach to the issues you face. In addition to providing legal counsel as your attorney, it is important to us to provide you and your loved ones assistance with the practical, non-legal aspects of your divorce or separation.


Nancy M. Martinez has children of her own and has personally experienced many of the struggles with which you are dealing. She sees her role not only as your lawyer, but as a supportive friend in your corner throughout the legal process and after the conclusion of your case. This support is especially important when you are dealing with any type of relationship abuse, be it emotional, physical or financial.

Nancy, thank you so very much. You have helped me in so many ways, so many times. You always go above and beyond for me and I am always grateful for you!” Client testimony


Our goal is to respond quickly to your questions and concerns. We strive to educate you about the process at every step, help you to take care of yourself and your family, protect your assets and work with you on solutions that work best for your situation.


Litigation is expensive. At the Law Offices of Nancy M. Martinez, we are sensitive to client concerns about costs and we strive to provide you with the best possible legal services while maintaining an eye on your expenses. We give you an idea of what different courses of action will cost. While we always encourage settlement first – as it is generally cheaper and less stressful for clients – we are never afraid to take your case to court if settlement efforts fail and it is best for you to pursue your interests more aggressively.

Nancy M. Martinez will take control of your case from the first day so that your needs are met. Read more about Nancy by following the link below:

When you face family law issues, call us at our Palo Alto, California, office at 650-242-5280 or contact us online. Hablamos español.