Bay Area Child Custody Lawyer

Parents from all walks of life struggle with child custody, visitation and support issues when their relationships end. In California, it does not matter much if you are a married or unmarried couple, gay or straight; when it comes to your children, you want what is best for them.

At The Law Offices of Nancy M. Martinez, we understand how important your children are. If you think you cannot keep your children because you are not the primary breadwinner, our lawyer will educate you and fight for your rights to your children and for the support they need for their futures.

Providing Quality And Cost-Effective Legal Representation In Palo Alto

In order to curb your costs when your income may be at its lowest, we strive to settle your case without having to take you and your family through an arduous trial. However, we will not back down from a fight when your rights are at stake.

Nancy‘s intelligence and great negotiation skills saved me a lot of money and grief.” Client testimony

When you are facing a divorce, not only must you juggle issues of property division and spousal support, but you will also face numerous questions and important decisions regarding legal issues that often include:

  • Child support
  • Day care, educational and medical expenses
  • Supervised visitation
  • Co-parenting agreements/counseling

Unmarried parents in California often wrestle with issues that fall outside of the divorce process. Such matters may include establishing paternity, determining parental rights for unmarried same-sex couples and payment of child support in non-traditional situations.

As you struggle with child custody and support issues, you need a caring and compassionate attorney who has children and stepchildren of her own and knows what you are facing. Contact us at The Law Offices of Nancy M. Martinez today by calling 650-242-5280 or by submitting your questions online.